The following is from an interview of Samantha 38G

The following is from an interview of Samantha 38G. “Porn is a job, just like any other job. It is work. It is hard work to be successful.”
“I am very open about what I do, and who I am. I see no sense in being ashamed of my career choice. I think the female body can be beautiful, and I think sex is awesome. Doesn’t mean I want to have sex with every guy out there. (In my private life, in my bedroom, I am extremely picky and need more of an emotional connection than a sexually one.) But I fail to see how being open about enjoying sex and being a bit of an exhibitionist is so awful.”

“What is there to be ashamed of in the first place? It is a fact, that we all are made to enjoy sex. It is a fact, that most people do have sex or at least want to. I find those who hide their sexuality and put down those in the adult industry are the weirdest and most harmful to others in the world.”
“Does everyone know? Yah, I am all over the web. And if that makes someone not love me, then they didn’t love me to begin with. Who would want those kind of people in their life? I did not lose a single person, I am still very much loved by those who have always been in my life.”

“My reason for entering the adult industry is to make money. It is the common cause for most people to work most days of the week. Somehow having big boobs that are real, does not magically make my electric bill, house payment disappear. I need to make money to pay bills just like everyone else. (Got to laugh at those who think differently, that somehow my boobs or career choice means I live a fanasy life.)”

The following is from an interview of Samantha 38G

The following is from an interview of Samantha 38G

“I spend about 10 to 12 hours a day on the computer. How glamourous and fun is that for a career. LOL! Know more about computers than I ever imagined. Oh, it is called marketing. No gal can be sex or fantasy 24/7. So what you read in magazines see in storylines on websites and stuff. All marketing, all set up. She is being paid to pretend to be that fantasy. Enjoy it for the entertainment it is and leave it at that, it is not her reality.”
“My own reality is pretty boring. I go to bed at about 10pm. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I don’t go bar hopping. I don’t go looking for one night stands. I don’t bring home girls for my guy and me to do. I put all my energy, creativity, imagination, all my sexuality into my site, into my shoots. Shooting can be fun and exciting, but then I am the one in control and refuse to do anything I don’t like or enjoy.”

“Things I like to do, my hobbies? Cooking is a creative outlet for me. Reading is how I relax. Long walks is how I figure out my problems.”
“My favorite scene I’ve ever done: The future shoots. I never live in the past. It is like a great meal. You enjoy it so much while you eat, but once done, it is over. On to the next day and the next meal. I alway look forward to the next shoot, the next adventure.”

“Want to know something horrible? Can’t remember the male talents names. Just doesn’t seem to matter to me. Great sex is about the emotional connection, the love between me and who I am seeing. Guess I am a girl, just like anyother. Not that they aren’t great guys, but there is no sex off camera with them. Once done with a shoot they are onto their lives and I am off to mine.”

“Here is a behind the scenes story: At my first boy/girl shoot, the Big Naturals video. Male talent couldn’t keep it hard, he was into skinny girls with no boobs. Also his girlfriend was not happy about him being a male porn actor. There were too many people there, ‘investors’. Had to do a couple scenes twice due to them talking or cellphones going off. I asked them to leave. Unheard of in this industry for the female talent to give orders. But then I was prepared to walk out and not finish the work or get paid. When I was done shooting, I got paid. I was out the door and the behind the scenes guys chasing me down the hallway. All wanting blow jobs. I had errands to run, places to be, things to do. Think I surprised them by saying no and being upon my way.”

Interview of Samantha 38G

“Then the so-called real world, the corporate world is way worse. At least in this industry I know when I am being fucked. In the corporate world, it could be downsizing, not getting that much needed raise, not getting a promotion, health insurance benefits being cut, pension fund raided, company out sourcing your job, hiring only part-timers so on one gets any kind of benefits, bosses or co-workers who take credit for your hard work, or embarrassing holiday parties.”


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