Every Day Is A Holiday With Ivanna

Ivanna Lace relaxes on her terrace, enjoying the view while you enjoy the view of Ivanna. The sight of Ivanka is more spectacular than the view of any city’s skyline.

The voluptuously blessed beauty goes inside to her bedroom to give herself the gift of an orgasm by playing with her big, sensitive boobs, vibrating her shaved, wet pussy and pleasurizing her ass with another toy. She leaves the toy in her butthole as she thrusts her vibrator in and out.

Ivanka hears and reads loads of compliments and pick-up lines. “Your smile is so beautiful, I forgot where I need to go,” a guy said to Ivanka, hoping to score points with her. She enjoys the attention in public when it’s done in a gentlemanly way. When she was a student, her male classmates buzzed around her like bees on a flower.

“My big breasts always draw attention,” Ivanna said. “I can wear anything but I prefer to wear tops in public that expose my cleavage because I am proud of my body. People always ask me if I am a model.”


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