Do you like Big Boobs? Why or why not?

Do you like Big Boobs? Sure I do lots of people like breasts, straight men love boobs, bisexual guys love boobs, heck lesbians like boobs hell even some straight girls and even some gay men like boobs, maybe not for the same reasons that straight or bisexual men like them but they like them all the same. but honestly i think boobs are universally likable and it feels good to rest your head on those soft pillows when you’ve got a woman in your life that lets you rest your head on them. i always wanted to motorboat a girl but never got the chance to do it to my sad regret.

Honestly i like big boobs ,small boobs and every pair boobs in between. i honestly feel sad when women have to cover them up in the winter, but its awesome when college women can just show them off in summer and wet t-shirt contests during spring break rock,and are a fun american pastime which american men and women shouldn’t do without in summer. all in all i think breasts are great ,i mean when we were babies we were nourished by them, as teens we become fascinated by them and long to touch them and bury our faces in them, when we’re adults we try to admire them without creeping out women out and sometimes lose full threads of conversations because the fact their right at eye level.

And when we’re old and gray we still love talking to our college age sons about them and share our love of boobs with other men that have the same appreciation for ta-tas as we boob lovers do. i don’t knock a guy for being an ass man but im a boob man and proud of it.

Do you like Big Boobs?

Do you like Big Boobs?


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